The following are the terms and conditions of storing and accessing information on User’s end-devices by means of the so-called cookie files.

1. The operator of this website (hereinafter “Website”) is Roseville Investments Sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Warsaw.
2. Besides the information stored in cookie files, no automatic collection of data by the Website takes place.
3. Cookies are small text files that are sent by websites and stored on the User’s end-device in order to make using websites possible. As per general rule, two types of cookie files are used: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files stored on the User’s end-device, which are erased once the User logs out of the webpages belonging to the Website. Persistent cookies are files stored on the User’s end-device for a duration period contained within the persistent cookie's file or until deleted manually from the end-device by the User.
4. Cookie files and used and stored to: gather statistical data on the User’s behavior and on how the visitors use the Website, helping to improve the user experience; adjust content of the webpages belonging to the Website to the Users’ needs; store User preferences and individual settings; facilitate the use of webpages belonging to the Website.
5. By default, the software installed on the User's end-device, used to download and display webpages, allows for storing cookies on the User's end device. By changing the settings of the software installed on the User’s end-device, the User of the Website may, at any time, specify the conditions for storing or accessing information by cookies and block automatic cookie handling. Detailed information on changing cookie handling settings can be found by the Users on the websites dedicated to the software they use.
6. Changing the cookie settings may limit the functionality or prevent the use of webpages of the Website.
7. Cookie files used by third party websites to which the User is redirected from the Website are subject to separate privacy policies.